The Crossing Place

A physical theatre piece based on the poetry of   Tomas Tranströmer

The Crossing Place


I am a member of Romantika. We are a theatre, performance, and visual arts company based in London with a team from the UK and Sweden. Romantika devised the first version of The Crossing Place in Tallinn, Estonia in 2016.

The Crossing Place

"Three strangers meet in the middle of nowhere, in a Crossing Place far from the communications network of civilisation. In their meeting, the last untouched space is tarnished forever"

The Crossing Place is the first English speaking theatre production based on the work of Tomas Tranströmer. It was devised by myself, Ciaran John, Johan Bark and Michael Blundell-Litcho. The piece explores what it is to be alone and scared in a world that leaves us wanting. Tranströmer's poetry is spoken and brought to life through violent physical theatre, the spoken poetry of Tranströmer and the music of Franz Schubert.

International Debut

The Crossing Place was performed at the Västmanlands Teater in Västerås, Sweden in February 2017. Below is a trailer for the piece.

Since Sweden, The Crossing Place has been performed in: Paris, Edinburgh and London.

Photographers: Michael O'Reilly, Ellamae Cieslik, Martin Bohm
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Role: Performer-Deviser
Cast: Chris Mawson, Michael Blundell-Lithco and Ciaran John
Director: Johan Bark
Lighting Design: Daniel James Spreadborough
Theatre Design: Abigail Screen


Kind words in response to The Crossing Place...

★★★★ This imaginative, experimental piece keeps the viewer gripped and entertained.
— Three Weeks
★★★★ This is a strange and moving piece of physical theatre, high-octane and cerebral
— Broadway Baby
The intensity of the physical detail is striking...
— Exeunt Magazine
I didn’t like Tranströmer’s poetry before seeing your performance, it made me see the beauty of the words.
— An audience member from Västerås
Magical and weird in the best way possible.
— An audience member from Västerås
An awesome performance.
— An audience member from Västerås