What Lies Beneath

Photographer:  Anastasia Benham

A surrealistic theatre piece exploring male grief in western society

The Company

I am a member of Romantika. We are a theatre, performance, and visual arts company based in London with a team from the UK and Sweden. We aim to create unique, visually striking and international performance work that reflects our current time. 

What Lies Beneath

“She’s gone, leaving no answers that can satisfy. He finds himself in the stillness of nature, hoping perhaps that he can make things clear. Descending into madness brought on by hypothermia, a man confronts memories of friends and family in a series of non-linear and increasingly surreal flashbacks."

What Lies Beneath interrogates male grief in western society and is influenced by the landscape and folk-songs of Sweden.

Romantika presented a scratch performance of What Lies Beneath at the Bunker Theatre in London on the 29th of January, followed by a week long run at The Space in June. The show also ran for the full month of August at Zoo Venues during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It has also been performed in Birmingham and Paris.

Role: Performer-Deviser
Cast: Benjamin Ecclestone, Chris Mawson, Michael Blundell-Lithco, Molly Hemsley and Tom King
Director: Johan Bark
Lighting Design: Daniel James Spreadborough
Theatre Design: Abigail Screen


Photographer: Anastasia Benham
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Some kind words in response to What Lies Beneath...

★★★★ visually striking...unlike anything I have seen at the fringe this year
— Tamsin Bracher, Edfringe Review
★★★★ a beautiful piece of physical theatre which should be highly commended
— Adele Cooke, Edfringe Review
Witty, subtle, playful, focused and powerful.
— Bunker scratch night audience member
comical. explosive... I was moved by it.
— Bunker scratch night audience member