A Short Story About a Mountain
Followed by Some Poems

by Chris Mawson

Illustrator:   Gabriella Guy

Illustrator: Gabriella Guy

"I want to tell you a story about a man and his life. The man’s name is not important. Where he was from and when he lived doesn’t really matter either. What might matter, is how he felt."

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Some Poems

Below is a sample of some of my poems.

Illustrator:   Gabriella Guy

Illustrator: Gabriella Guy



LizardMan felt red
so his world was red too
until things changed and the Lizard felt blue.

His world followed suit
and blue was all he saw
with not a single trace of the red he knew before.

Everything was blue
it’s all that could be seen
until the heart of LizardMan changed from blue to green.

If The World Were a Fish

If the world were a fish
of impossible size
with its gills in the sea
and its tail in the sky

I'd end my life
knowing nothing more
than its smallest scale
on the ocean floor

Illustrator:   Gabriella Guy

Illustrator: Gabriella Guy

The Sky Belongs to Me


Today the sky will belong to me.
I blink. It vanishes. 
Reappearing only when I choose to look

I have decided to trust that all I perceive was put there by me.
All that I make belongs to me.
Today the sky is mine.

Today is a frantic moment of lucidity.
Tomorrow the sky will belong to the earth again.

I'll spend a lifetime trying to determine
if today I am sane
or tomorrow, madness leaves with no time to make amends.

We call men mad as though we are any better.
As though we invented the sky itself.
As though this isn't all a circus.
A child born into fire thinks he's supposed to burn until he

A dog in a suit barks just the same, it's an awful racket.
Put the sky in your pocket and feel safe. It is yours.
Or perhaps you're no safer than a man in a jacket.


Illustrator:   Gabriella Guy

Illustrator: Gabriella Guy

Selfie Stick

You say that society is sick.
Your main point of contention?
A selfie stick.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Would you rather things went back to the good old days?
When polio was rife and it was illegal to be gay?
How far back should we go? No planes in the sky?
Back to when we couldn’t share anything in the blink of an eye?

Think about what you’re saying.

Faster than I can say “your opinions are fucking dumb” you
can send ANYTHING.

Hear about the Arab spring?
You think rebellion was always the plan?
Did word of those protests spread because people thought
“Ugh, we’re so disconnected these days maaaaan”


It happened because those “silly squares of plastic and glass”
let people all over the world talk to each other
share ideas

Our “sick society” has access to more knowledge than any
society that came before it.

But I guess because of Instagram we have to pretend that
everything's shit.

Stop equating cynicism to insight.
You think disliking hashtags makes you part of some noble fight?

“This generation is so vain! We only care about attention and likes!”
I’m sick of this militant pseudo-Buddhism making such a fuss
about ego and vanity like they aren’t hardwired into us.

So people like taking photos of themselves.
Big fucking deal.
What, does everything have to be serious now?
Deep? Meaningful? ‘Real’?

Socrates didn’t like books and you don’t like smartphones.
You sound like a grandpa.
Leave people alone.

Illustrator:   Gabriella Guy

Illustrator: Gabriella Guy

Little Birdie

Hello little rabbit.
How do you do?
Don't you want to go somewhere fun?
Somewhere new?

Sorry little rabbit.
You're not going anywhere.
Trapped in the forest and your thoughts made the snare.

Hey, Mr. Monkey Man the world is not a stage.
You think you're trapped
but Monkey Man!
You're building your own cage.

Come on little birdie!
Learn what life can bring.
If only you could fly away.
Your fears have clipped your wings.