Dr Kaplinsky

Photographer:   Amber Mae

An interactive performance interrogating relationships and their pitfalls


I am a member and co-founder of PairShaped, an interactive theatre company based in London. PairShaped began work on "Dr Kaplinsky" in the winter of 2016. 

Dr Kaplinsky 

"Dr Kaplinsky provides couples’ therapy sessions that are second to none. The case of Rachel and Craig is proving a tough nut to crack. How will you fare in your interactions with this loving couple? If there’s one thing the doctor has learned when dealing with them, it's that they hate any form of change. Absolutely hate it. Whatever you do, don’t let them realise that anything is out of the ordinary."

This interactive theatre piece is performed by three performers and viewed by one audience member at a time. "Dr Kaplinsky" explores relationships and their pitfalls in contemporary society. Audience members don a disguise and go under cover as Dr Kaplinsky, enduring a session with a challenging married couple. Tears? Laughter? Success, or heartbreak? It's up to Dr Kaplinsky to decide. 

Role: Performer-Deviser
Cast: Rosaleen Burton, Holly Franklin, Chris Mawson, Christine Mears
Created by: PairShaped


Photographer: Amber Mae
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Kind words in response to Dr Kaplinsky...

An immersive piece that puts the power in your hands.
— A London audience member
Fun, fascinating, educational, emotional.
— A London audience member
Very simple concept executed very well!
— A London audience member